1803 Golf Announces Newest Marketplace Partner – Byrdie Golf Designs

1803 Golf Announces Newest Marketplace Partner – Byrdie Golf Designs

1803 Golf is thrilled to announce our first golf club manufacturer marketplace partner in Byrdie Golf Designs

Byrdie Golf Designs offers a wide-range of irons, drivers, wedges, and putters, offering performance and style all at the right price. From their Vandal and Goat iron collections to the Grind Wedge collection to the Flatstick putter, 1803 Golf is proud to highlight Byrdie Golf as the latest in emerging businesses we are partnering with.

Byrdie Golf joins the 1803 Marketplace alongside Swingdish, Grip Drip, Omos Golf, Talon Golf, Grunk Dolpher, On Point, Tropical Bros, and Jersey City Golf Club.

"We have been looking for well-crafted wedges and clubs that aren’t going to break the bank,” said the 1803 Golf founders. “It is an added bonus that Byrdie Golf Design’s clubs perform extremely well and the company is founded by emerging business owners like us.”

“1803 Golf has brought together emerging business owners that are looking to make their mark on the golf industry,” said Byrdie Golf Designs' founders. “We are pumped to join the 1803 Golf marketplace and partner with these growing brands as the game of golf expands to new audiences.”

To learn more about marketplace options for emerging and local golf brands, please contact the 1803 Golf founders at founders@1803golf.com or follow us @1803golf on Facebook, Instagram, and TikToK.


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