1803 Golf Welcomes Jersey City Golf Club as First Marketplace Partner

1803 Golf Welcomes Jersey City Golf Club as First Marketplace Partner

1803 Golf is excited to welcome Jersey City Golf Club as the company's first marketplace partner. This marketplace partnership follows the soft-launch of 1803 Golf's product line which included golf polos, driver covers, and golf tees.

As the first marketplace partner, Jersey City Golf Club will sell their products in 1803's marketplace including golf polos and t-shirts. In reaction to the partnership announcement, the 1803 Golf co-founders said, "We are thrilled that Jersey City Golf Club is joining the 1803 Marketplace. JCGC is exactly the kind of brand we were hoping to promote when we launched our marketplace for emerging and local golf brands."

"I just started golfing a few years ago and fell in love with it," said Jersey City Golf Club founder Michael Brandofino. "I wanted to launch a brand that represented where I live and the 1803 Golf Marketplace was the perfect partner to support me as I navigate the challenges in starting a small golf apparel brand," he said.

Jersey City Golf Club products will be available on 1803 Golf immediately, starting with six products with more to come ahead of the spring golf season. The JCGC products will join the 1803 Golf's branded products and new marketplace partners in the coming months.

To learn more about marketplace options for emerging and local golf brands, please contact the 1803 Golf co-founders at founders@1803golf.com.

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