1803 Golf Cofounder Cody Hart spends a weekend with the On Point 3 Rail + Coin Ball Marker

1803 Golf Cofounder Cody Hart spends a weekend with the On Point 3 Rail + Coin Ball Marker

For the record, I am awful at putting, so I’ll take all the help I can get. Over the weekend, I spent time with the On Point 3 Rail + Coin ball marker, A 3D ball marker that increases your ability to “see” the line, improve your set-up, alignment, and distance control, and ultimately helps you sink more putts.

In your hand, the On Point 3 Rail + Coin feels slightly larger than your traditional ball marker, and optically, it looks much different than anything you’ve seen before. If it looks familiar, you may have seen Major Champion winner Jim Furyk using the On Point marker on tour. Forewarning, it will take you and your friends a moment to get used to seeing something three-dimensional on the green, especially when it’s placed behind your ball. That being said, this ball marker becomes quite helpful once you work it into your pre-putt routine. 

I often struggle with aligning my ball properly to my mark on the green. This could be for multiple reasons, I don’t take my time, I’m awful at putting, or I simply that don’t practice enough. Putting those factors aside, the three alignment lines (other On Point products have different alignment markers) combined with the height of the domed ball marker seemed to improve my ability to hit my mark immediately.

Using the three lines as my initial alignment guide and then placing my ball on the putting line seemed to improve my consistency, and for me, that’s half the battle.

Overall, I highly recommend this marker for any golfer. For the casual golfer, it may help you be more consistent, and for the more experienced player, it could be why you finally break 70. Oh, and if you are worried the domed marker will get in the way, there is a convenient removable, magnetically attached traditional coin at the bottom of each On Point marker. 

To learn more about On Point Golf or other emerging golf brands, please visit 1803golf.com or contact the 1803 Golf co-founders at founders@1803golf.com. Follow us @1803golf on Facebook, Instagram, and TikToK.

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