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Dayton Business Journal Features 1803 Golf

The Dayton Business Journal covered 1803 Golf and its founders in their latest edition. The story highlights the company's success since 1803's launch in 2022, our marketplace partners, and 1803 Golf's plans for the rest of the year. 

The article highlight's what is next for 1803 by saying:

Moving forward, there's plenty of work to be done -- the spring golf season is on the horizon and they're preparing for the ramp-up. This has allowed for the space to recover from their success...

In the article, 1803 Golf Co-Founder Cody Hart said, "We want to bring on as many partners as possible to get as many products and the right brands in front of our customers and many future customers as well."

To read the full story, please visit the Dayton Business Journal HERE or to learn more about marketplace options for emerging and local golf brands, please contact the 1803 Golf founders at or follow us @1803golf on FacebookInstagram, and TikToK.

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