Happier Holidays: Gifts for the Golfer in Your Life

Happier Holidays: Gifts for the Golfer in Your Life

It's officially that time of the year again. All of your holiday shopping is done, besides that one person. They are impossible to buy; you never know what to get them. A hat for the 5th year in a row? How about a coffee mug? All you know is that they like to play golf, but many items are so expensive! Don't worry. At 1803, we've got you covered in every price category to get the perfect gift for the golfer in your life. Stocking Stuffers: $30 and Under

 First up, we have some good “stocking stuffer” items. These products are cost-effective while being some of the most useful things in a golfer’s bag. Tees will be used on nearly every hole, so you can never have too many. At just $5.99, the 1803 Royal Purple Tees are a no-brainer. Towels are also used often, and many of them wear out in just a years-worth of playing. At just $25, the GripDrip Magnet Towel is a must. Lastly, we have the ball marker. If the golfer in your life plays with other people often, this is an absolute necessity to their bag. At just $20, there aren’t many better options than the 3-Rail Coin from OnPoint




Additional Gifts: $100 and Under

Next up, we have the “additional gifts”. You’ve already purchased their main gifts and you know they’ll love them, but you just want them to have a little something else. Everyone loves a headcover to protect their beloved driver. At only $39.99, the 1803 State Headcovers are no doubt the best bang for your buck. Check out the Ohio gear as pictured, as well as the other states which we cover! Next is the rain jacket. It is better to be prepared for the rain than not, as any golfer could attest. For only $44.99, the golfer in your life will never have to fear the rain or come home with soaking wet clothes again when they have the 1803 Packable Rain Jacket in their bag. Lastly, we have the putter. Affordable clubs are hard to come by, and every golfer knows that the solution to their struggle on the greens is a new putter. At only $99, the Byrdie Golf Flatstick Putter is sure to be the solution to all their problems!




Main Gifts: $100 or More

Lastly, we’ve got the main gifts. If you need something at the last minute, you’re in luck, because these main gifts are on sale now. First is the Byrdie Golf Wedge set for just $175. These wedges are a great addition to any bag at a more than fair price. But, for the true “big-ticket” item, we have the Byrdie Golf Complete Set on sale at half price for $599. This set includes a driver, hybrid, irons, wedges, a putter, and a bag. If the golfer you’re shopping for is in need of new clubs or is trying to get into golf, there really isn't a better option for quality products at an incredible price.


All of these gifts are sure to make the golfer in your life happy, and you can be sure that you finally got them something they will use. Be sure to order by December 18th to get your products by Christmas!

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Article By: Mason Fyffe 

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