Our Top 10 Red White & Blue Picks for Summer '24

Our Top 10 Red White & Blue Picks for Summer '24

U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

July 4th & Summer Olympics - WOOO!
by Mike Brandofino

The best part of the summer is coming up! When we get to throw back beers, inhale hotdogs, play as much golf as we can physically handle, and then float in the pool after. Now that I am reading that back to myself it just sounds like the entire golf season. Celebrate the 248th birthday of this great nation with some of our favorite Red, White and Blue items from our 1803 Family of brands.

Then, on July 26th, we kick off the Summer Olympics in France (pivotal in our independence by the way, thanks guys!) Lets show support for our athletes, especially the men and women hitting the links to bring home the gold. The Olympic Golf Schedule can be found here.

The 1803 Team is excited to share some of our personal favorite Red, White and Blue pieces from our friends and marketplace partners. Each of these items can be found in the USA Collection on The 1803 Marketplace.

Here are the Top 10 Items to show your support for USA this Summer:

1. 'Merica Hawaiian Shirt by Tropical Bros


'Merica Hawaiian Shirt by Tropical Bros

Tropical Bros has plenty of great Red, White and Blue polos, quarter-zips, swimsuits and Hawaiian shirts to choose from, but this one is our favorite for this summer's festivities. Find Yours Here.

2. Golf Flag Rope Hat
 by SwingJuice

 Golf Flag Hat by SwingJuice

This hat by SwingJuice is just so clean. It features their golf ball and club flag design that can be found on their polos for men and woman, as well as unisex t-shirts for off the course wear. Find Yours Here.

3. Stars & Stripes Golf Glove by Chipp Golf Co.

 Stars & Stripes Glove

Chipp Golf Co.'s Stars & Stripes golf glove boasts a thoughtful and vibrant design without being too distracting. They also use the finest quality leather for industry leading durability and comfort. We love these gloves and will be proud to wear these for our summer rounds. Find Yours Here.

4. Chevron Swing Grip- White, Red, Blue
 by GripDrip


GripDrip has so many great grip designs and towels that could make this list, but we had to go with the ones with all three of our nation's colors in its name. If a white grip isn't your style, they offer the Chevron Swing Grip design in Navy and Carolina blues. GripDrip's latest line, called Zen, features eye-popping colors to fit the summer vibe as well. Sport the Cherry, Ocean or Sky for your red or blue fix. Find Yours Here.

5. Three Rail 3D + Coin Ball Marker by OnPoint Golf

 OnPoint 3d Ball Marker - Red White and Blue

OnPoint Golf makes these revolutionary (see what I did there)  3D ball markers that help you maintain your line more accurately that just a traditional flat marker. They feel super high quality and will impress your buddies on the course. We use ours every round. - Find Yours Here.

6. The Greenskeeper by Omos

 Omos Greenskeeper Divot Tool

Omos set out to design the last divot tool you'll ever need. No matter if you are qualifying for the weekend on tour or looking to beat your buddies in your weekly match -- we all have a responsibility of taking care of the course we play. Sleek enough to be out of your way and manufactured to last. The Greenskeeper is here to help you do your part to maintain the course. Find Yours Here.

7. Freedom Club Cover
 by 1803|Golf


Yeah we're tooting our own horn, but isn't that what America is all about? Everyone on our team uses one of our house-brand head covers, not because we're being homers, but because they actually are our favorite. We love the quality, the fit, and the less obnoxious nature of the design than some other "Freedom"-themed covers you may find. We think you'll love these too. Find Yours Here.

8. Cash Money Magnet Towel by GripDrip


There ain't much more "American" than a Benjamin. While this isn't technically red, white and blue, it shouldn't be too hard to understand why it makes a spot on our top 10 list. This design by GripDrip is straight heat, featuring the man himself that helped shape so much of what our country is today. - Find Yours Here.

9. BBQ America Everyday Polo
 by Tropical Bros


Our friends at Tropical Bros get a second entry on the list as well with their BBQ America polo design. This was literally designed for this occasion and should be worn proudly all summer long. The doodle-esque design features charcoal grills, fireworks, ice cream, bikinis, beer, burgers, a literal calendar with the 4th...an all around fun design that nails the Americana summer vibe. Find Yours Here.

10. Hot Dog Golf Ball Marker by Kolorspun

 Hot Dog Golf Ball Marker

Last, but certainly not least, the Hot Dog ball marker by our friends at Kolorspun. They turn out quirky unique designs that are sure to make you stand out on the course. This particular one is a wiener in our hearts. Can't have a summer bbq without a few glizzies.  - Find Yours Here.

These items and so much more are featured in our latest USA Collection. Head over to find yourself some Red, White & Blue items to represent the good ole USA this summer.

Pssst - We have some new partners coming very soon that have some amazing Red, White and Blue items as well, but we will have to update this post once we officially launch them. So keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming announcements!


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