New Year, New You: Can Tennis Be The Answer to Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year, New You: Can Tennis Be The Answer to Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions?

The new year is almost here, and it’s about the time that people begin to ponder their New Year’s Resolutions. A common option that is easier said than done may be getting more exercise, getting outside more, or starting a new hobby. All of these are attainable, but scary to start. Your friends at 1803 are all about outdoor exercise activities, and this year, maybe it’s time to give tennis a shot. Tennis has recently soared in growth, up 50% in the last decade with around 10% of the USA considering themselves tennis players. This is incredible, as tennis is an enjoyable sport that people are finally giving some attention to. 

     All this said, even if we just made the decision to cure all of your resolutions, it’s still hard to know where to start. So, today, your friends at 1803 Sports want to give you the ultimate tennis starter kit, all available on The 1803 Marketplace




     If you’re gonna play tennis, it’s a good idea to get a racket. But what’s the difference between all of them? Do the sizes matter? Don’t worry. We’ve done all the research. For a beginner, we recommend the Diadem Nova 105 FS. The 105 square-inch head not only provides a player with more stability, but also with more surface area, thus, a larger “sweet spot” to ensure more forgiving play. This is definitely the best racket for a beginner.





Next up, we have shoes. Tennis is going to involve a lot of stop/start movements that require shoes with not only great traction, but plenty of support to ensure that injuries are at the bottom of your worry list. For all of these reasons, we highly recommend the FitVille Amadeus Tennis Shoes, available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Not only will they keep you incredibly comfortable, but safe and supported as well. This one is a no-brainer.




Nothing feels better than looking the part, especially if you’re unsure that you’ll play the part. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely get there, but, for now, we’ve got you covered on the outfit front. For the ladies, there isn’t much of a better option than the Josie Print Dress from SwingDish. It’s fashionable, comfortable, and made to be worn on a tennis court. For the men, we recommend the SCALES Men’s Volley Shorts from Diadem. Not only are they perfect for tennis, but the comfortable, breathable material makes them perfect for everything from playing tennis to relaxing on the couch. Pairing these with a polo would be acceptable. However, since we have a plethora of polos to choose from in the marketplace, we will leave that decision up to you. 

   We certainly hope that we have encouraged you to give tennis a shot, as well as help you find some of the necessary materials for the sport. Is tennis the answer for your New Year’s Resolutions? That is up to you. However, we highly recommend it, and wish you luck in your endeavors! 

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Article By: Mason Fyffe 


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