Queens Country Club Brings NYC Fashion to The 1803 Marketplace

Queens Country Club Brings NYC Fashion to The 1803 Marketplace

The King of Queens (Golf)

1803 Golf proudly announces Queens Country Club is joining the 1803 Marketplace family of brand partners. We are excited to add another high-quality, small business that shares our passion for golf and a dedication to fostering a community of new and diverse players to shape the future of the sport. Queens Country Club’s entire collection of polos, sweatshirts, sweaters, and hats is now available on The 1803 Marketplace.

“Queens Country Club is the perfect partner to extend the reach of The 1803 Marketplace to more communities”, said Colin, Co-founder of 1803 Golf, “It was a natural next step for us to add a NY-based brand like Queens Country Club to our mix of partners, as my brother and Co-founder Cody and I made NY our home after leaving Ohio.” 

Queens Country Club has curated a collection of staple items that go beyond conventional golf attire. Their collection was featured in Esquire’s 2023 article highlighting the 34 Best Golf Clothing Brands That Keep the Sport Stylish. The Women’s Crown Logo Polo Shirts, Men's Squirrel Logo T-Shirts, and the Driver Head Cover redefine what it means to be well-equipped on the golf course. 


"Our mission is to make the elegance and tradition of golf accessible to all, blending the sport’s classic appeal with the vibrant energy of city life." says founder Justin An.

Elevate your golfing experience with these essentials that seamlessly blend style, comfort, and tradition, setting the standard for golf fashion.


About Queens Country Club

Founded in 2021, it has been blending the timeless traditions of golf with the dynamic energy of the streets in Queens. Queens Country Club redefines golf fashion. Embrace the bold, express your individuality, and join our movement as we unite diverse communities. From the fairways to the city streets, Queens Country Club is where style and passion converge. Follow @queens.country.club


1803 Golf & The 1803 Golf Marketplace

To learn more about marketplace options for emerging and local sports brands, please contact the 1803 Golf founders at founders@1803golf.com or follow us @1803golf or @1803sports on Facebook, Instagram, and TikToK.

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