Golf has always been a sport that draws enthusiasts from all walks of life. However, the rise of social media has opened up a whole new world for golfers and has given birth to a new generation of golf influencers. These influencers are using their passion for the game to create content, connect with other golfers, and build their personal brands online. At, we are excited to shine a spotlight on five emerging golf influencers who are making waves in the golf community.

  1. Nicole Gerome // @Nicolegerome_
  2. Jordan Cornelius // @Jordan_cornelius
  3. Alisa Diomin // @Alisadiomin 
  4. Eric Cogorno // @ericcogorno
  5. Tyler Coonts // @tylercoonts 

With the exception of Tiger Woods's arrival in 1996, it is hard to identify another year where the game of golf has taken such a dramatic shift. In addition to new tours, larger purses, and Netflix shows, another thing is clear. Influencers in the sport are not limited to those playing on Sunday. The above golf influencers, in no particular order, are shepherding in a new era of golf, and we thank them for their service. 

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