Swing Dish Joins the 1803 Golf as the First Women’s Brand in the Marketplace

Swing Dish Joins the 1803 Golf as the First Women’s Brand in the Marketplace

1803 Golf – the leading online marketplace for golfers that support innovative and emerging golf brands – is proud to announce the first women’s brand in the 1803 Golf Marketplace – Swingdish. The newest marketplace partner offers a wide range of tops, bottoms, and their versatile and spikeless Traveler shoe line. 

Swingdish was founded by well known athletic apparel designer Tricia Covel. Conceptualized in 2013, SwingDish was created to fill the major void in golf apparel for women. Representing functional, and feminine, the brand continues to speak to women of all ages, that are fashion-conscious, with independent spirits and a taste for revolutionary designs.

Swingdish joins the 1803 Marketplace alongside Talon Golf, Grunk Dolpher, On Point, Tropical Bros, and Jersey City Golf Club.

“I have always had a love of fashion, but found my love for golf later in life,” said Swingdish founder, Tricia Covel. “We are excited to be the first women’s line in the 1803 Golf Marketplace and look forward to a long term partnership that is built to elevate small businesses.”

“The Swingdish brand takes the 1803 Golf Marketplace to a new frontier,” said the 1803 Golf co-founders. “The ability to offer products to women golfers has been a goal since our company was founded and we are excited that it becomes a reality today.”

To learn more about marketplace options for emerging and local golf brands, please contact the 1803 Golf founders at founders@1803golf.com or follow us @1803golf on Facebook, Instagram, and TikToK.


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