Top 3 Challenges Faced in Spring Golf

Top 3 Challenges Faced in Spring Golf

Spring is approaching quickly, and depending on which part of the country you call home, courses may even be playable very soon. No doubt, this is an exciting time for golfers. However, the spring golf season is not all sunshine and rainbows. Here are the top 3 challenges you may face, with our best solution to all of them.  

1. Poor Course Conditions 

More often than not, winter weather has taken its toll on our beloved courses leaving behind patches of dead grass and soggy turf from the tee boxes to the greens. Spring showers also mean wet greens and sand traps, mud patches where grass may have died over the winter, and tougher lies on shots that get lodged in soft turf. All of these conditions affect how you will need to approach each shot this spring. While many of these factors are out of your control, the one thing you can control between each shot is maintaining a clean club face for a pure strike and a clean ball for consistent ball flight and spin. 

Between the shots where you pick up extra mud in these wet conditions, we recommend our friends at Grooveit and their unique Wet Club Scrub. This highly useful tool gives you a portable club cleaner attached to your bag for easy access mid-round. 

Grooveit Wet Club Scrub

After cleaning your club with the Grooveit, or when a full scrub is overkill, we recommend the drippy and convenient magnet towels by GripDrip. They have a bunch of options to match your cool golfer aesthetic and the magnet makes it easy to grab on your way to putt or after that shot from the damp rough.

GripDrip Black Bandana Golf Towel with Magnet


2. Course Disruption 

If you’re excited to finally get back to the course this spring, remember there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of other golfers in your area just like you waiting to hit the links after a long cold winter. It’s going to be difficult to get on the course during peak hours on days like Saturday or Sunday, let alone play at a decent rate where the greens fees don’t leave you just enough for a bag of peanuts at the turn. But this isn’t any of our first rodeos right? There are several ways to get around the crowds. 

One option is booking as far in advance as you can, this may mean finally pulling the trigger on a local membership to unlock more advanced booking windows. For our Ohio golfers, you can utilize sites like Fairways Golf to get a membership that gives you access to multiple courses along with other great perks for the year. Wherever you live, you can search for deals like these in your state or join virtual clubs such as Links Golf Club to gain access to course and tee times that others will not be able to get.

Another tried and true method to getting on the course is heading out at off-peak times, this may mean setting that alarm clock for 4:00 AM to be the first out on the course, or hitting your boss with the sick day email so you can get a mid-week round in. Your boss may not be a fan, but your friends at 1803 Golf are always in support. Just remember to wait to post the video of your hole-in-one or sick chip-in for birdie until the weekend comes around.


3. March Snow, and April Showers

If you live north of the Mason-Dixon line or in those North-Central states a stone's throw from Canada, then you know that we’re not necessarily in the clear from winter weather once March comes around. In most areas, cool temperatures, rain storms, or snow flurries are far from rare in the early spring. The cold and rain generally persist through the mid-late spring months, making our rounds of golf chilly, damp and frustrating into May. Aside from hurting your clubs, nobody wants to get wet themselves either. The 1803 Golf team members never leave our houses without grabbing our packable rain jackets and some cozy pullovers. Between the 1803 Golf brand and several of our marketplace partners, you are sure to find some great-looking cold weather and rain gear to keep you warm and dry for your early-season rounds. 

1803 Golf Rain Jacket
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