Top 5: Golf Accessories Our Team Loves This Spring

Top 5: Golf Accessories Our Team Loves This Spring

The Spring season is underway and the 1803 Golf team has had a chance to hit the links a few times together. There are a few golf products that we find ourselves unable to leave the house without. Continue on to see our top 5 golf accessories so far this season.


1. Grooveit Wet Club Scrub & miniG 

Grooveit Wet Club Scrub

What can we say, this is just the best tool for cleaning your club on the move, and a must have for early spring golf. These scrubs attach to your bag with a strong magnet and carabiner clip. The miniG is the perfect size for clipping to a belt loop for use while you're away from your bag or cart. Anyone that has watched the tour this season has probably seen a few pros whip out a Grooveit at some point.  Find yours here.


2. OnPoint 3D Ball Marker



We love these ball markers for their innovative approach to aiding the user in finding their true aim point. The 3D design provides a more realistic view with accurate depth of the aim point and sight line for the golfer. Once you aim the marker you simply align the ball with your pre-aimed marker when returning the ball to play, eliminating an pre-putt guesswork. The set provides you with a flat marker to place in play when your ball is in the path of another player. Find yours here.


3. Omos Greenskeeper


Omos Greenskeep Ace Black Divot Repair tool

Inspired by the timeless Porsche 911 -- Omos set out to design the last divot tool you'll ever need. No matter if you are qualifying for the weekend on tour or looking to beat your buddies in your weekly match -- we all have a responsibility of taking care of the course we play. Sleek enough to be out of your way and manufactured to last. The Greenskeeper is here to help you do your part to maintain the course. Find yours here.

4. GripDrip Magnet Towel


GripDrip Bandana Towel with magnet
The GripDrip magnet towels are a life saver around the greens. These towels are lightweight and feature a magnet that makes them easy to pick up with your club. Not to mention GripDrip also kills it in the style department. Their products all boast fresh designs that will help you stand out from the boring and mundane golfers on the course. We love these towels for their design, durability and the character they can add to our bag. Find yours here.

5. Journal 18

Journal 18 performance log and diary

This comprehensive golf journal backed by success psychology helps you stay focused and reach your goals, shot by shot. Log your stats, track your progress, and reflect on your rounds. Discover your strengths and weaknesses, lower your scores. Relive the memories -  your golf story, recorded in ink. Best of all - Journal 18 will plant a tree with your purchase. We love being able to recall past rounds and track our shots to help us get better each round. Find yours here.


 What products are you loving this season? We'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below letting us know what products you can't live without. Tag @1803golf in your favorite products posts on Instagram or send us a DM! 


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