Top 5 Global Golf Destinations for an Unforgettable Group Trip

Top 5 Global Golf Destinations for an Unforgettable Group Trip

Are you and your friends looking to embark on an unforgettable golfing adventure? Look no further! 

We've compiled a list of our top five golf destinations around the world (excluding the USA) combining scenic courses, rich history, and vibrant culture. Whether you prefer breathtaking coastal views, picturesque landscapes, or tropical settings, these golf destinations have everything and more. So, call in sick to work, pack your bags, your golf bag, and snacks for the plane because we're going international. 


1. Scotland (St. Andrews and Surrounding Areas)

The birthplace of golf, Scotland hold a special place in every golfer's heart. With its legendary Old Course, St. Andrews is a pilgrimage for golf lovers. The rugged coastal landscapes and challenging courses create a unique golfing experience. But Scotland is not limited to St. Andrews alone; it boasts numerous other exceptional courses that will test your skills and leave you with lasting memories. Like, Kingsbarns Golf Course a relatively new course that takes full advantage of the stunning coastline. 

Links: St. Andrews Links, Kindsbarns Golf Links


2. Ireland (Southwest Ireland)

The lush landscapes of Southwest Ireland provide the perfect backdrop for world-class golf courses. From the iconic Ballybunion to the dramatic cliffs of Lahinch, you'll be enchanted by the beauty of these courses. Ireland's warm hospitality and lively culture make it an ideal destination for a memorable golf trip with your friends.

Links: Ballybunion Golf Club, Lahinch Golf Club


3. Costa del Sol

On the sunny Costa del Sol in Spain, you'll find a golfer's paradise with over 70 courses to choose from. Courses like Valderrama and La Reserva have earned their place among the world's best. The pleasant Mediterranean climate ensures year-round golfing opportunities, making it an enticing destination for a golf vacation with friends.

Links: Valderrama Golf Club, La Reserva Golf Club


4. New Zealand (Queenstown)

Escape to the captivating beauty of Queenstown, New Zealand. Surrounded by majestic mountains and serene lakes, golfing here feels like a dream. The Millbrook Resort and Jack's Point are two courses that stand out for their challenging layouts and stunning panoramas. Pair your golfing experience with thrilling outdoor adventures, and you have a recipe for an unforgettable golf trip with friends.

Links: Millbrook Resort, Jack's Point Golf Course


5. Thailand (Phuket)

As Asia's rising star in the golfing world, Phuket offers an impressive array of top-notch golf courses. Red Mountain Golf Club, Blue Canyon Country Club, and Laguna Golf Phuket are just a few examples of the gems you'll find here. Play amidst lush tropical surroundings and unwind on pristine beaches, creating a perfect blend of golf and relaxation for your group of friends.

Links: Red Mountain Golf Club, Blue Canyon Country Club, Laguna Golf Phuket


Whether you choose the historical charm of Scotland, the scenic beauty of Ireland, the Mediterranean allure of Spain, the majestic landscapes of New Zealand, or the tropical paradise of Thailand, each golf destination promises a golfing experience like no other. So call your buddies, pack your clubs, and get ready to tee off on an extraordinary journey that combines world-class golfing with fantastic memories that will last a lifetime.


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Note: Before planning your golf trip, ensure you check for the latest course information, travel guidelines, and any applicable restrictions.

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