Women in Golf: Breaking Barriers and Teeing Up Success

Women in Golf: Breaking Barriers and Teeing Up Success

It’s no secret that golf, historically, has been referred to and accepted as a gentleman’s game. From Tiger Woods, to Caddyshack, and even to corporate scrambles, men have dominated the world of golf for the observable history of the sport. However, over the past decade, female golfers have broken barriers in the sport and elevated their presence to places many thought they would never see. 

Women have made their mark in the professional world with organizations and events such as the LPGA Tour and the Women’s British Open. This platform has allowed women to showcase their skills at the highest level and show the world that they are just as competitive in the sport as men. These tournaments also inspire a generation of young women to pursue the sport, just as many of us grew up watching Phil, Rickie, or Tiger. With athletes on TV such as Lilia Vu, Lexi Thompson, Ruoning Yin, and the legendary Annika Sörenstam, the potential of their influence is unmeasurable. Studies show that around 25% of people on the course are in fact women, up from just 15% 10 years ago. Even since the pandemic, there are about 800,000 more women golfers than there were before. 

Initiatives such as the “Drive On” campaign by the LPGA have not only fostered a culture of diversity and inclusion in the golf world, but also given more media coverage, sponsorships, and prizes for women’s events. These are barriers that once hindered women in golf, and still do no doubt, but it is a step in the right direction. There is no doubt that disparities still exist, especially when considering prizes for winners of women’s events. However, the momentum that women are continuing to gain is forcing changes to be made and suggesting a promising future where the imbalances between men and women can be addressed and rectified. 

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Article by: Mason Fyffe 

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