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Spikeless Sky Blue Canvas Traveler Shoe by SwingDish

Spikeless Sky Blue Canvas Traveler Shoe by SwingDish

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Stylish and comfortable, SwingDish Canvas Traveler Shoe in this stunning solid sky blue color combines an athletic fit with a versatile casual silhouette in this premium canvas style. Keep it fun for a relaxed day on the course. The versatile and spike-less outsole lets you tee off with confidence and transition to the clubhouse with ease.
  • The sole features the Signature Red SwingDish Logo
  • Casual Spikeless Style
  • On and off course Versatility
  • Canvas Upper, Rubber Sole
  • Water Resistant Coating on the interior for dry feet on dewy mornings
  • True to Size

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Women's golf shoes are a different kind of shoe than you can find in the average section of a sports shoe store. A golf shoe isn't a running shoe, it isn't a cross trainer, and it typically has cleats. The SwingDish Traveler Shoe is a perfectly designed, casual spikeless golf shoe that will enhance your golf game, keep you comfortable, and look great on and off the course...#gamechanger.

The Traveler Shoe gives you a good grip on the grass, so that you never have to worry about losing control of your stance. It's made so that you won't slip on damp sod, won't lose footing in a sand trap, and won't leave unwanted divots in a well-groomed green. The game-changing difference with the Traveler Shoe, is it can be worn off the course with its spikeless outsole. Easily tee off with a properly gripped stance then transition to the clubhouse or to an event after without changing your shoes!

And, of course, a women's golf shoe needs to look good, because golf is only partially about the sport--a lot of it is about the experience of going to the clubhouse, enjoying time with friends, meeting new people in the pro shop, and having a wonderful time. You want to look good, not just play well. And that's where the Traveler Shoe from SwingDish comes into the picture to check off all of the boxes.

SwingDish's women's golf Traveler Shoe is the perfect blend of form and function, getting you from point A to point B on the course without the least worry of slipping, and making sure that you never lose your footing when you're teed up--but they also do so with style and class. These aren't just sports shoes. They're golf shoes, but they're also your go-to white sneakers. 

Whether you're looking to knock a few strokes off your game with a solid foundation under your feet, or if you're dressing to impress, these women's golf shoes will set you apart on the course.

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